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Boundary surveyors measure, design, retrace and map property lines. Their job requires them to be part detective, historian and mathematician. That’s because land boundary surveyors must acquire, read and analyze public records along with physical markers that in many instances could date back hundreds of years.

Are you Selling a home? Smart home buyers often hire land surveyors or sometimes referred to as boundary surveyors to stake out or identify the property boundaries they are purchasing. It has been stated that over 70% of the World's economy is based on land transactions. 

Boundary surveying requires knowledge in both the mathematics of surveying and the land laws.

When neighbors or businesses disagree about the location of property lines, land boundary surveyors are needed in court to help identify which boundary and which party is right.

The surveyor is a very integral part of the worlds economy, and is a very vital resource that is becoming of greater demand everyday. As property values increase, so does the level of accuracy that the surveyor has to apply to each boundary transaction.

Meet a  Couple of Boundary Surveyors


Curt Sumner/John Matonich